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14KYG pearl and amethyst pin. Very delicate and classy. The single amethyst in the center adds a touch of color and would be a perfect gift for someone born in February. Just about 1" in diameter. Ca. 1910. Item# 4/1.

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Large shell cameo set in silver (tests as .800 fine). Probably Italian, ca.1950. Bail on top folds down when wearing as a pin. 1 7/8" tall, excellent condition. The silver is bright and shiny; it only looks dark due to scanner lights overexposing. The small black spot on the neck is on my scanner glass and not on the cameo. Would make a great present. Item# 4/2.

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Classy 18K yellow gold bracelet with jade and diamonds, ca.1980's. Oval shaped and hinged to fit for that custom look. Widest inside diameter is 2 1/8". Has a guard chain plus heart and key charms. The four diamonds are approx. .08 carats each for a total of about a third of a carat. The center jade piece measures 22.4mm by 8.26mm. Each piece is curved to fit the bracelet; no skimping on design.


14KYG chameleon pin. What a cutie! Just the item to dress up a casual outfit. You'll adore this guy; and, unlike most chameleons, this one won't change color on you. Ca. 1975. 36.5mm x 18.0mm. Item# 4/4.

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Absolutely stunning 10KYG dual bust cameo.  Perfect condition, and sure to arouse envy in anyone who sees it on your lace collar or wool sweater; will go with just about anything. Quintessential class. Cameos of this type and size are quite rare; this is only the third one we've had in over 20 years. Ca. 1910. 44.26mm x 36.49mm. Item# 4/5.

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Great 9K gold bracelet, ca.1940's, 7 1/2" long. Color tends toward pink/rose gold, as does most 9K. Has three oval hollow tubes and two hollow discoids. Fully marked with 9K and 375. Excellent condition. (Item #6/95)


Sterling Watch pin. Scarce in this metal; most are in yellow gold. Back has the typical long hook to hold the watch. Pin goes over hook for safety. Ca.1920's. Perfect condition. Item# 4/6.

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